Carpet Cleaning

Our standard and quality of work we deliver have made us the first choice in carpet cleaning in your area. A competitive price range with the help of our professional technicians, Our Carpet Cleaning will eliminate trapped dust particles with a specialized shampooing service, and kills bacteria and microbes present on the carpet.
Green Clean Carpet Cleaning Services ensures that every carpet situation is dealt with precision and skill. Our technicians use all the latest equipment for carrying out cleaning tasks. High tech and high powered equipment is used as a part of our carpet cleaning services in your area. We would like to let you know about the differences between the cleaning packages that we have available:

Basic Cleaning

Light cleaning We clean the top layer of the carpet mainly recommended for those that clean their carpet on a regular maintenance schedule.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning We green clean the carpet mainly recommended for those that have stains and traffic areas. we pretreat the carpet, clean traffic areas, remove spots and various stains using natural cleaning solutions with options for odor and deep stain removal.

Supreme Cleaning


In addition to the deep cleaning we also offer:
Deodorizing- to get rid of unpleasant smells and make your carpet smell better.
Sanitizing – to kill and destroy common household pathogens, improving the quality of life in the home.
Protection- to keep your carpet looking great by preventing stains from setting into the carpet fibers.


1What should I do to prepare for carpet cleaning?
We recommend to vacuum the carpet and move unnecessary stuff from the carpet so we can cover as much surface area as we can and clean deep into the fibers. If there is anything you are not able to move, we would be more then happy to help you move it.
2What method do you use for carpet cleaning?
We use a steam cleaning proccess. We use natural products and will pre-spray spots and brush them to make sure we get out as many spots as we can while simultaneously extracting the dirty water from your carpet.
3Will my padding get wet and ruin my hardwood floors?
When getting your carpet professionally cleaned, it does not saturate the backing of the carpet which means neither the padding nor the wood under the padding will be effected.
4Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?
Yes, we do move most furniture as long as the customer asks for it ahead of time.
5Can you get out urine/pet stains from carpet?
Urine is comprised of a few things one of which is Uric Acid. When urine sits too long on the carpet, it fosters bacterial growth which leaves you with yellow staining on the carpet which over time gets more difficult and impossible to remove. The sooner you reach out to us to take car of this issue, the more effective the stain removal will be.
6Where can I find a carpet cleaning services near me?
Book your appointment at your convenience online at and you can call Green Clean Carpet at 855-777-2010. We're open weekdays 8am-6pm. You can also email us at