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10 Steps To Do It Right

Pick up/Drop off


Step 1 There are 2 options for your convenience:
Pick up– At Green Clean Carpet our technicians will arrive to your residential or commercial property to pick up your rug. Our technician will move your furniture in order to safely pick up the rug and deliver it to our Area Rug Spa cleaning facility.
Drop off– you can simply come to visit us at our Area Rug Spa cleaning Facility to drop off your rugs at 1177 Chapel Ave W,
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002


Step 2 Once the rug is in our Area Rug Spa cleaning facility, our specialist will inspect your area rug. The type of fiber the rug is made of, helps determine the cleaning method, cleaning products and drying time. This step also reveals crucial information about the rug’s pre-existing condition.
Once the rug is inspected, we will contact our customer with the information and a recommended course of action before the area rug cleaning process begins.


Step 3 This one of the most important steps. We use a machine called the Rug Duster and we dust the rug from both sides. This machine has leather strips which gently tap on the rug and is effective at removing dust and dirt that your vacuum at home struggles with. The Rug Duster completely separates heavy dust and dirt from any area rug.

Green Clean

Step 4 At Green Clean’s Area Rug Spa facility, eco-friendly, natural and safe cleaning products are selected based on rug condition. A clear water rinse washes out all removable stains, dirt and odors. This process is done by industry leading machines and repeated until we are satisfied with the results. This is done until the water coming out of the rug is clear.


Step 5 We use a Rug Centrifuge that extracts the water from the rug safely, efficiently and fast, minimizing the amount of time the rug is wet. Once the rug comes out of the Rug Centrifuge, it is 99% dry and ready to hang dry naturally. Some rugs cannot be hung dry and need to be dried flat. The air drying method used depends on the rug type.

Rug Fringes

Step 6 Once the rug is clean and dry, we treat the fringes with a special treatment that makes them as bright as possible. The fringes are groomed and the edges trimmed where needed.


Step 7 Per the customer’s request and as an optional service.
Rug Protection/Deorderizing-After we’re done cleaning we can apply deodorizing/Protection to make the rug smell better and protect it from future stains.
Moth Treatment– One of the biggest challenges in the rug world is the wool moth. Most rug owners have had some sort of interaction with moths, either with their own rugs or a family member’s however Green Clean applies moth deterrent that eliminates moths in all stages of their life cycle.
Padding– We install special anti-slip padding to prolong the life and beauty of your fine rug.

Final Inspection

Step 8 Once we complete the rug cleaning process, we vacuum the rug, trim any loose fibers and do a final inspection to make sure the rug cleaning results satisfy our high standards. In the event that the results don’t meet our high standards, we will have the rug go through the cleaning process again.


Step 9 As the rug dries and after passing final inspection, it will be rolled, wrapped and sealed for delivery. Each rug will have labeling with your address and a unique QR code with future offers on your next purchase of services.

Rug Delivery

Step 10 Green Clean safely delivers and brings your rug at your convenience into your home. In addition, we will move any furniture that needs to be moved to install the rug properly. Our work is guaranteed. We will do everything to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our rug cleaning services.