Carpet Repair&Stretch

Are you thinking about replacing your carpet? No need. We have the best solution for you when it comes to fixing your carpet at an affordable price. Our carpet stretching & repair service does not compromise in any way. Our foremost task is to get the repair done at minimal cost and in as less time as possible, so our customers do not face any unnecessary intrusions into their schedule . We assure you that we are above our competitors with our carpet stretching & repair services.

We also do carpet patching, which includes patching of permanent stains of food, drinks, pets, or burns. Green Clean Carpet is surely a one stop shop for our customer’s needs. Don’t waste your money on new carpet when you can save money with the safer solution, and get your carpets looking better than before. This can be especially economical when putting your home on the market.

When there are wrinkles in the carpet, there is a threat of falling down. Our professionals focus on stretching the areas that need attention . Green Clean uses professional equipment to complete their tasks and maintain the carpet’s integrity. Not only will we make it look good, but most importantly it will be safe walking in your own home again.

Our dedicated team that provides carpet stretching & repair services on wall to wall carpets, have intimate knowledge and background in how carpets are initially installed.

We Specialize in all aspects of carpet stretching & repair and do our utmost to make our customer’s home clean and safe.

Carpet Stretch- Small area

Carpet Seam Replace

Carpet Repair- Patch