Area Rug Spa

1How do you clean area rug?
In Green Clean Carpet we are cleaning area rugs in the area rug spa facility which we have a 10 steps cleaning process with the newest equipment in the market. We setup the new standard for area rug cleaning at your service.
2How often should I clean my rug?
It's recommend to clean your rugs every 15-18 month to remove the dirt that stack inside the fibers of the Rug, the longer you wait the harder it will be to get stains out.
3How do I get the square footage for an area rug?
Measure the length and the width of the area rug and multiply them. For example; area rug 8ft wide x 10ft long is 8×10= 80 sq ft.
4What are the price for Area rug cleaning?
Depending on the material your rug made of, we have minimum price of $3 per sf for Polyester and $4 for Wool. We also have additional treatment as sanitizing, doderizen and protection with additional cost ($0.8 per sf).
5Is your products safe for Kids and Pets?
Yes our name is green clean, beacuse we using all natural products that is an eco friendly. In some cases we will use organic cleaning proccess.
6Where can I find Area Rug Services near me?
You call Green Clean Carpet at 855-777-2010. We open Mon-friday 8am-8pm, satruday 8am-6pm. You can also email us using

Carpet Cleaning

1How much head of time should I schedule appointment for any service?
It's better to schedule a appoitment at least a week in advance, this will insure you more fixablity and availability to schedule, Sometimes we can even come within a few days.
2What is %100 satisfaction guarantee means?
%100 satisfaction guarantee means that w'ell do anything it takes to make sure you will be sustisfite with the service provided (It's not means %100 spot removal). If for any reason you are not satisfied with the work we provided, for any cleaning services, you have 14 days warranty for cleaning and 2 month for stratching, if anything happened in this time frame we’ll come and fiix it for free.
3Are the products used by green clean carpet are safe?
Yes, we are using netural product, hypoallergenic that are safe for pets and kids, and does who suffering from allergies
4Do you guarantee a stain removal?
No, we don't generate stain removal, some stains are permenteilty discolor or damage the carpet fiber and can't be fixed. We'll generate to do best as possible.
5How long it will take for my carpet to dry?
After we complete the steam cleaning process on your carpet, the carpet will be damp for somewhere between 5-8 hours, you can walk on the carpet immediately, (no shoos). Our safer solution cleaning process we'll insure your carpet will dry faster.
6How long it will take you to clean my carpet?
It all deppens on the size and conditions of the carpet that need to be clean. For example, cleaning one room can take approximately 30-40 minutes.
7How often should I clean my carpet?
We are recommend to clean your carpet a least once a year, deppending on the traffic on your carpet
8What is carpet protection?
Carept protection is a product that we are spraying on top of the carpet after we done cleaning it, to prevent from future stains to pentester into the fiber. The product we use called 'Scotchgard'. Keep in mind the more traffic the carpet gets, the faster the protection wears off.
9Would my padding get wet and ruin my hardwood floors?
While you proficiently get your carpet clean, it will never go deep to the backing of the carpet which means the padding nor the wood under them would be effected.
10Do my carpet going to shrink if you clean them?
No, our green clean carpet proccess will minimizes the amount of moisture used and prevent your carpet from getting shrink.
11What it consider to be a room?
Combined areas and rooms over 250 square feet considered as two rooms. For example Living room/dining room are considered as two seperet rooms.
12Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?
Yes, we do move most of the furntiers as long as the customer ask for it ahead of time. We charge you for cleaning the carpet not for moving heavy furnitures.
13Which Area do you serving?
14Aren’t truck mounts more powerful for carpet cleaning?
No, Some truck mounts can be so powerful they can push soiling into padding, not to mention the hoses may be too long and not have any suction behind them. This could cause soil to be left in your carpet.
15What type of cleaning should I get if my carpet is brand new and I need to keep my warranty?
In this case, since the carpet is brend new, we offer a light maintance cleaning which allow you to pay less money and still keep your warrenty, it's a win win.
16What should I do to prepper for carpet cleaning?
We'll recommend to vacuum the carpet and move un-necessary stuff from the carpet so we be able to clean as much carpet as we can, If there is anything you not able to move we be more then happy to help you move it.
17What method do you use for carpet cleaning?
Steam cleaning proccess. We using netural products, wi'll pre-spray spots and brush them to make sure we get out as many spots as we can, and extracts the dirty water in your carpet after is been clean.
18Can you get out a pet urine stain from carpet?
Urine is like an acid, when it sitting too long on the carpet, it grows a bacteria which leaves you with a yellow stain on the carpet, which over time we can't get it out, however if you reach out to us on time, by using the right machinc and the natural products we can make it looks better, sometime even get it all out.
You call Green Clean Carpet at 855-777-2010. We open Mon-friday 8am-8pm, satruday 8am-6pm. You can also email us using

Carpet Repair/Stretching

1How do you stretch the carpet?
To ensure your carpet is lay down properly, the way we stretch it in Green clean carpet, is like you get it installed. In stretching/repiar there is a lot involved to complete the job, including moving furniture, replacing seam, fix wrinkles that go in different directions, pading problems, sometimes we will have to take doors off as well.
2Why should I stretching the carpet?
Overtime your carpet get wrinkles from many reasons, which make it difficult to you walking safely in your own house. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace iit with a new carpet/floor. We offer to fix it by stretching your carpet for a lot cheaper.
3How to repair the carpet?
Our professional will repair your capret using the a stretcher tool and a kicker to ensure your carpet look seamless as possible, either by kicking the carpet to the wall or in some cases by replacing a damaged peace of the carpet.
4How do you patch the carpet?
If you ever drop a bleach on the carpet or your pet scratch the carpet and made a hole in it, insted of replacing the all carpet, we will patch it for you to make sure it looks the best way possible
5Why should I stretch/repair the carpet instead of buying new carpet
In some cases which the carpet can be save, insted of spending money to replace the carpet, we will stretch/repair it for you for a lot less. For example: if you selling your house, call us and we will stretch and clean your carpet so it looks decent for sale, so you will invest your money in your new house
6Where can I find a Stretch/Repair near me?
You call Green Clean Carpet at 855-777-2010. We open Mon-friday 8am-8pm, satruday 8am-6pm. You can also email us using

Tile/Grout Cleaning

1How do you clean my tile and grout?
We pre-spray the floor and then scrab it with the scrab machince, to make sure each grout line as well as tiles will look bright as possible, and then we clean the floor with the higher pressure machine unite, that will extract the dirt
2Can I clean my grout after I re-patch my grout lines?
To prevent from the filling to break down, we reccemend to use a natural celaning and Rins it and map it, to make sure the floor look brighter as possible.
3How often should I have my tile floors professionally cleaned?
We reccemend profissanly clean your tile every 18 months, depending on the traffic your floor gets, some of them get it sooner then others.
4Why should I have my tile and grout professionally cleaned?
Over time the tiles and the grouts, the first build up on the surface, to prevent from damage spot or discoloration of your grout, we reccemnd of getting Professionally CLEANED. Learn More
You call Green Clean Carpet at 855-777-2010. We open Mon-friday 8am-8pm, satruday 8am-6pm. You can also email us using

Hardwood/Vinyl Floor Cleaning

1Do you pre test the floor before cleaning?
Yes, our techniucans will pre-test the floor before cleaning, to esset what the condition of the floor and learn if there is any paste wax, acrylic polish
2How do clean Hardwood the have a WAX COAT?
In green clean carpet we make sure to test every hardwood floor for a 'wax COAT', In case the test is positive, we would not be able to complete the cleaning process because the 'waxing code', and your floor would have to be sand and re-finish.
3Do you offer a REFINISH coat to protect the hardwood floor after cleaning?
Yes, after we complete the cleaning process by removing all the dirt and the floor is completely dry, we put 2 coats of refinish and make sure the floor will be looking is best in a natural way.
4How to deep clean hardwood floors?
After we pre test the floor and understand what kind of hardwood floor it's, Then we will do 2 steps cleaning: First, we will buff the floors with the right ped to get the deep dirt out. The second step, we will use uniqe hardwood floor machinc to rinse the floor. Which will spray the water with the solution, deep brushed and suck the dirt right up, which will leave your floor with the minimum moist possible
5How to deep clean Vinyl floors?
Vinyl floor it's much easier to clean then hardwood floors, which in this case we will pre spray the vinyl floor and then buff the floors with the light ped to get the deep dirt out, the final step is to go over the floor using a microfiber mop to give it the right finish.
We do not recommend that you steam clean area rug, especially on an hardwood floors. Steam cleaning can permanently damage your area rug, Especially on an hardwood floors. in this case we will reccemnd to role your area rug and bring it to our area rug facilety.
7How to Keep your hardwood floor clean?
By regular mopping the floor, you do not reach the stubborn dirt that lies deep in the pores of your hardwood, which in our cleaning process it does. We use a buffer machine, and a neutral cleaning prduct to break up the tough dirt. The final step is to go over the floor using a microfiber mop.
8Can you get out a pet urine stain from hardwood froor?
In this case, either cleaning or sanding the floor wouldn't get the stain out. You will have to replace the wood planks
You call Green Clean Carpet at 855-777-2010. We open Mon-friday 8am-8pm, satruday 8am-6pm. You can also email us using

Upholstery cleaning

1The tag on my Upholstery recommends a dry cleaning. Can you still clean it?
Yes, this tag or “Manufacturer Liability Code,” is required to recommend “a” cleaning method even though it may not be the most effective method for removing soil.
2How do I protect My Upholstery from getting stained?
In green clean carpet after we are done cleaning the Upholstery, we will spray a protective coat so called Scotchguard that will keep your Upholstery from getting staind.
3How to clean Upholstery?
Cleaning upholstery depends on the fiber, before you clean upholstery make sure to check the manufacturer's cleaning tag. In green clean carpets, we use all-natural solutions, that keep you safe even on upholstery cleaning, we will remove the cusions and vacuum the upholstery, then we will pre-spray the upholstery, gently scrab it and then vacuum out the dirty water and make sure to get as many spots, Pet hair, and any other food crumbles, we will clean the upholstery 360 including cleaning the cushion from both sides.
4How long will it take my furniture to dry?
Typicaly the drying time ranges is from 3-6 hours. Learn more!
5Can you steam clean Upholstery?
Yes you can, steam clean proccess is the main process to get your fiber clean properly.
6Where can I find an Upholstery cleaner near me?
You call Green Clean Carpet at 855-777-2010. We open Mon-friday 8am-8pm, satruday 8am-6pm. You can also email us using
7How often do you recommend professional Upholstery cleaning?
In green clean carpet we recommend having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned every 18-24 months depending on the use. Learn more here.

Most common FAQ about cleaning and stretching: